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  • Licensed Residential Homes

    Live as independently

    Licensed Residential Homes

    Our homes are all licensed and staff shifted, each individual living in one of these homes receives the level of support required to live as independently as possible.

    Outside activities and residential support is different for each person and our homes allow for each person to make choices in what they do.

  • Day Services


    Day Services
    The program focuses on the individual’s goals and needs through a multi disciplinary approach in areas of Physical Health (from fun exercises to formal exercises to education), Social, Education, Lifeskills, vocation, and recreation.

    We strive to build community connections; Community means different things to different people, there are as many alternatives as there are interests. We take pride in getting to know the individual, and supporting them in a friendly team environment.

    We also try to work together with the residential team or family to ensure consistency in their lives.
  • Supported Independent Living

    Live on their own

    Supported Independent Living
    Some of our people live on their own, or with a roommate in an apartment or house and do not require the level of support that a community residence provides. S.P.I.K.E. offers support with respect to maintaining their home, cooking, shopping, budgeting and paying their bills.
  • Outreach


    This is a service offered during the transition from one living arrangement to another whether it be from their parental home or some other living arrangement.

    The purpose is to provide opportunities for the person to meet with people who may want to share accommodations with them in the future, so as to enable them to be able to make an informed choice of where and who they live with.

  • Respite

    Live as independently

    This is a service that is offered to families where a staff comes to the person’s home and takes the individual out to an activity. Often this provides a greater range of activities to the individual than they would have otherwise.
  • Retirement Services


    Retirement Services
    As people age their needs, and interests change S.P.K.I.K.E. takes these changes and provides the support required for a quality of life as the person transitions into this part of their life. Retirement to us means a change not an end.
  • Transportation:

    Live on their own

    All of our residences have a vehicle in order for the people to get to a variety of activities throughout the week.

    We also provide transportation to many of the people attending our Day Service.
  • Foster Care
    Foster Care
    This is a service where one or two individuals live with a care-provider(s) in the care-providers’ home.

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S.P.I.K.E Day Services Locations

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